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6. True Romance Part 1


Fitz starts receiving anonymous love letters, but when a dead body turns up he gets another letter which suggests that his admirer is the killer.

Sunday, 2nd Jun 10.00pm

7. Men Should Weep Part 1

The team face up to a series of chillingly executed attacks on women. With no evidence, the only certainty seems to be that the rapist will strike again. 49mins

Friday, 19th Jul 11.25pm

6. The Big Crunch Part 3

Conclusion. Another death pushes Fitz closer to the edge in his pursuit of the Trant family. But they've closed ranks and proof seems impossible to come by. 50mins

Friday, 12th Jul 10.25pm

3. To Be Somebody Part 3

The team is determined to find Albie after Bilborough's murder; DCI Wise asks Fitz to alleviate a tense situation. 50mins

Friday, 21st Jun 11.30pm

2. To Be Somebody Part 2

Fitz and the police bury their differences in an attempt to track the killer, and Fitz realises the killer's a man with a very particular mission. 50mins

Friday, 14th Jun 9.55pm

7. True Romance Part 2

Fitz must confront the female killer who is threatening his own future. 50mins

Sunday, 9th Jun 10.00pm