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Episode 8

The Cabins - Season 2

A cast of brave singletons check out of modern day dating and check in to three stunning remote log cabins. Will they head home separately or depart as exclusive Cabins couples?

Wednesday, 12th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 1

Dating series. The first matched pairs immediately move into their cabins, but every 24 hours they will have to decide whether to extend their stay another... 45mins

Monday, 3rd Jan 9.00pm

Episode 2

Dating series. With true colours beginning to show, there is kissing, tears and vomit - and that is just in one cabin. Insecurities threaten to bring... 46mins

Tuesday, 4th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 3

Dating series. It is the third day and things are getting decidedly steamy as some guests slip straight into the hot tub, straddling the north-south divide... 46mins

Wednesday, 5th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 4

Dating series. After the previous day's fireworks, there is a frosty atmosphere in one cabin. With check-out looming there are some burning questions that... 46mins

Thursday, 6th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 5

After knocking up a monster roast dinner together, a karaoke session turns into a party for one. Can love conquer this musical misery? 46mins

Friday, 7th Jan 9.00pm