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6. Climb the Greasy Pole 2

The Darling Buds of May

Pop is the target of a dirty tricks campaign, and Mariette is convinced Charley is having an affair.

Sunday, 22nd May 8.00pm

1. The Happiest Days of your Life 1

Pop and Ma Larkin are advised to send their disruptive twins Zinnia and Petunia to boarding school. 51mins

Sunday, 17th Apr 7.55pm

2. The Happiest Days of your Life 2

The twins are found safe and sound after running away from boarding school, Pop becomes involved with the renovation of the... 50mins

Sunday, 24th Apr 7.55pm

3. Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine 1

Thinking he's on to a good deal, Pop buys two hundred pigs. But before he knows what's what, he's up to his neck in it. 51mins

Sunday, 1st May 7.55pm

4. Cast Not Your Pearls Before Swine 2

Primrose goes in search of her latest love, Roger the poet, who has escaped to a seedy nightclub. 51mins

Sunday, 8th May 8.00pm

5. Climb the Greasy Pole 1

Pop decides that dirty tricks are needed to fight off plans for a sand quarry. 50mins

Sunday, 15th May 8.00pm