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24. Secrets Revealed

The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 10

The Orange County vault is opened with never-before-seen footage from season ten including Shannon's unique ladies lunch, Vicki's night out and Heather's teachable moment to Meghan

Wednesday, 1st Dec 2.00am

1. Under Construction

Vicki starts living with her boyfriend Brooks. Shannon and David try to rebuild their marriage while Heather works on building her dream house 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 12.05am

2. Take a Swing

Shannon and David are pushed to new limits on the last day of their couples retreat. 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 12.10am

3. Whine Country

Heather and the others travel to Napa Valley to celebrate the launch of her new sparkling wine. 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 12.15am

4. Charity Case

Vicki and Brooks consider unconventional cancer treatments; Meghan plans her first charity event. 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 12.20am

5. Game Changer

Vicki gets a phone call that forever changes her life. Shannon offers an olive branch to Meghan when she hosts a Bunco party at her house 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 12.25am