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14. Mrs. Zago

The Real Housewives of Miami - Season 3

Joanna and Romain's wedding has finally arrived. Alexia and Lisa receive some promising news. Adriana starts to see a brighter side of Lea.

Wednesday, 1st Dec 7.00am

1. Til Lies Do Us Part

In the Season 3 premiere, Adriana and Lea try to make sense of things in the wake of Adriana's marriage certificate surfacing in the media 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 5.55am

2. Hurricane Adriana

Lea and Adriana's argument reaches its peak. Romain asks Joanna a question that could put the wedding on hold. 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 6.00am

3. Booby-Trapped

The fallout from Adriana and Lea's feud leaves the ladies divided. Lisa tries to reunite the warring women, only to have Joanna and Lea expose a web of... 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 6.05am

4. Black Magic

Joanna and Romain start couples therapy but Romain doesn't show up. Lea reveals some news to Lisa. 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 6.10am

5. A Cause For Concern

It's the time of the year for the Black's annual gala, Lea begins preparations for the event while juggling socializing with the ladies. 43mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 6.15am