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20. Saint Martin's Island

Hungry Sailors

Dick and James hop around the Isles of Scilly again, with Tresco and Bryher their latest destinations as they gather produce from the famous Abbey Gardens.

Sunday, 5th Dec 8.30am

9. Saint Helier

Dick and James sail into the island of Jersey to investigate ormers - an abalone type of shellfish and speciality of the island - and then head off to the... 47mins

Saturday, 20th Nov 9.30am

10. Saint Aubin

Dick and James Strawbridge are on the final leg of their Channel Islands tour as they sample a spectacular clam bake on the beach with Jersey chef Marcus... 47mins

Saturday, 20th Nov 1.00pm

11. Saint Ives

Dick and James Strawbridge are on the north coast of Cornwall in the beautiful town of St Ives. They have a go at making saffron buns - a Cornish classic. 47mins

Sunday, 21st Nov 7.00am

Episode 12

Dick and James Strawbridge press on with their sail along the north coast of Cornwall as they come to Newquay - famous for its surf and sea bass. 46mins

Sunday, 21st Nov 1.00pm

13. Padstow

Dick and James head on up to Padstow on the north coast of Cornwall, where they get their hands on some local venison and some locally grown speciality salad... 47mins

Saturday, 27th Nov 12.00pm