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Episode 1

Angela Black

Angela seems like a happy mum of two, but she is hiding a dark secret.

Tuesday, 12th Oct 9.00pm

Episode 6

Angela remains undeterred in her search for proof, but her strength, cunning and intelligence are pushed to their limits as she attempts to stop Oliver. 45mins

Tuesday, 16th Nov 9.30pm

Episode 5

Angela becomes determined to expose Olivier's manipulative ways while she faces the challenge of trying to return to her old self. 46mins

Tuesday, 9th Nov 9.00pm

Episode 4

Angela remembers once-buried memories during her regular therapy sessions; Angela finds herself doubting everything she has experienced. 45mins

Tuesday, 2nd Nov 9.00pm

Episode 3

The preparation stage begins as Angela becomes a part of Ed's plan; Angela becomes distracted through the day while she gets ready for an important night. 46mins

Tuesday, 26th Oct 9.00pm

Episode 2

After Ed's claims about her husband confirm her worst fears, Angela is left reeling and struggles to keep up the facade with Olivier and the boys 46mins

Tuesday, 19th Oct 9.00pm