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8. Old Habits


Interest is reawakened in unresolved serial killings when pathologist Franks notices similarities with a young woman found strangled.

Tuesday, 9th Aug 2.50pm

1. Dead on Arrival

Drama series about a Cornish detective. Wycliffe's silver wedding anniversary celebrations come to an abrupt halt when crime rears its head. 51mins

Friday, 29th Jul 2.45pm

2. Number of the Beast

When unexplained killings rock the Bodmin community, locals are convinced the 'beast' is back. 51mins

Monday, 1st Aug 2.50pm

3. Slave of Duty

The team are intrigued by the case of a dead man found buried with a pile of 100-year-old wood. 51mins

Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2.50pm

4. Total Loss

When a fishing boat sinks, killing one of the crew, Kersey and Lane discover a community struggling to keep its head above water. 51mins

Wednesday, 3rd Aug 2.50pm

5. Crazy for You

When a psychiatrist's wife is murdered in a frenzied attack, Wycliffe finds that proving a motive is harder than catching the killer. 51mins

Thursday, 4th Aug 2.50pm