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Episode 12

Storage Hoarders

An artist gets help removing the clutter from her work studio; Aggie comes to the aid of an avid collector who needs to find somewhere else to keep her items.

Sunday, 17th Oct 9.00pm

Episode 18

Aggie MacKenzie meets a man whose father's PoW Japanese suitcase reveals a fascinating wartime past, and another who is about to unknowingly throw away a... 47mins

Sunday, 5th Dec 9.00pm

Episode 17

A man gets help from Angie to clear a mass of belongings that he has kept in storage for over three decades; a woman stumbles upon an old tea set. 46mins

Sunday, 28th Nov 9.00pm

Episode 16

A man looks for a family fortune by helping his mother clear out her storage, but it takes serious convincing to get her to part with sentimental collections. 47mins

Sunday, 21st Nov 9.00pm

Episode 15

A man's garages are nearly bursting from an overabundance of clutter; a doctor's receptionist attempts to overcome her obsession with hoarding. 46mins

Sunday, 7th Nov 9.00pm

Episode 14

A couple's storage unit overflows with possessions after they downsize homes; a man struggles to clear the massive clutter from his parents' home. 47mins

Sunday, 31st Oct 9.00pm