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Episode 6

Storage Hoarders

Aggie persuades an elderly woman to part with boxed-up remnants of her life in the Far East; Aggie helps a woman clear out her garage of 12 years of clutter. [Subtitles]

Sunday, 22nd Aug 9.00pm

Episode 11

A woman discovers cash scattered amongst the rest of her clutter; Aggie returns to a man to get an update on the end of his decades-long hoarding obsession. 46mins

Sunday, 3rd Oct 9.00pm

Episode 10

Aggie MacKenzie helps people let go of things they never see or use. Musician Nick has high hopes for his hoard of furniture, but will it strike the right... 46mins

Sunday, 26th Sep 9.00pm

Episode 9

A lawyer could benefit from selling some of the precious metals he has been keeping; a woman receives a hefty storage bill after returning from a decade... 47mins

Sunday, 19th Sep 9.00pm

Episode 8

A woman is unable to push off sorting through her late parents' belongings any further; a toy collector could be holding valuable possessions. 47mins

Sunday, 12th Sep 9.00pm

Episode 7

A woman emotionally attempts to sort through belongings with sentimental value; a couple is stunned to see what was hidden in possessions they inherited. 47mins

Sunday, 29th Aug 9.00pm