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Episode 2

Storage Hoarders

Host Aggie MacKenzie helps a 90-year-old veteran with his hoarding impulses; Aggie attempts to encourage a hoarder to do away with his collection of art.

Sunday, 25th Jul 9.00pm

Episode 8

A woman is unable to push off sorting through her late parents' belongings any further; a toy collector could be holding valuable possessions. 47mins

Sunday, 12th Sep 9.00pm

Episode 7

A woman emotionally attempts to sort through belongings with sentimental value; a couple is stunned to see what was hidden in possessions they inherited. 47mins

Sunday, 29th Aug 9.00pm

Episode 6

Aggie persuades an elderly woman to part with boxed-up remnants of her life in the Far East; Aggie helps a woman clear out her garage of 12 years of clutter.... 46mins

Sunday, 22nd Aug 9.00pm

Episode 5

A bodybuilder struggles to clear his vast quantity of unneeded possessions; two sisters learn unexpected news regarding their late father's collection of art. 46mins

Sunday, 15th Aug 9.00pm

Episode 4

Aggie tries to help two women part ways with their hoarded possessions, such as a wealth of souvenirs from multiple countries and possibly valuable antiques. 47mins

Sunday, 8th Aug 9.00pm