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Episode 5 Makeup Sex

One Night With My Ex USA

A woman's assertive demeanour in her relationship causes her to treat her boyfriend like a doormat, so she has to apologise if she plans on getting him back.

Tuesday, 27th Jul 10.00pm

Ep 10 The Exes

When a man is abandoned by his boyfriend, he is unable to understand why and insists that the relationship was ended without any warning and for no reason. 21mins

Tuesday, 31st Aug 10.00pm

Episode 9 The Rules of Sexting

A man is caught by his girlfriend writing text messages intended for another woman, and despite their time spent together, the... 21mins

Tuesday, 24th Aug 10.00pm

8. Three Times a Charm

Childhood sweethearts reunite, and although he cheated, she still loves him, so he prepares to ask her a question with the ring he gave her in kindergarten. 21mins

Tuesday, 17th Aug 10.00pm

7. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

After ending their relationship because of her boyfriend's infidelity, a woman blocks him out of her life, holding onto pain... 21mins

Tuesday, 10th Aug 10.30pm

Episode 6

A man wants to know if his ex-lover cheated on him and he also wants a piece of his heart back, but his exes' answers are as complicated as he is. 21mins

Tuesday, 3rd Aug 10.00pm