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9. Driving Miss Siggy

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 7

Teresa has a book signing where a few unexpected visitors show up. Then, Melissa decides to have a family dinner to get her marriage back on track.

Monday, 14th Jun 2.35am

1. Old Friends, New Faces

Things are changing in Jersey! Melissa spreads her entrepreneurial wings as she breaks ground on her new boutique 43mins

Monday, 14th Jun 1.55am

2. Very Hairy Christmas

Melissa hosts the Gorga/Giudice Christmas Eve Dinner and reunites with Teresa for the first time in a year. 43mins

Monday, 14th Jun 2.00am

3. Leopard is the New Black

Jacqueline surprises Teresa by showing up on her doorstep wanting answers on where their friendship stands. 43mins

Monday, 14th Jun 2.05am

4. Life To Envy

The ladies of New Jersey are working it with Melissa's boutique, Envy, officially opening for business. 43mins

Monday, 14th Jun 2.10am

5. Dinner Interrupted

The honeymoon is over when the Lauritas host the Giudices for dinner and old tensions between the ladies quickly boil over. 43mins

Monday, 14th Jun 2.15am