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Bonnie & Joe

Eating with the Enemy

The full uninterrupted conversation between Bonnie Ann Clyde & Father Joe

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 10.00pm

Episode 1

Strangers with opposing views chat over a meal. In this show, a priest has dinner with a drag queen and they discuss everything from RuPaul's Drag Race to... 44mins

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 7.00pm

Episode 2

In this social experiment, strangers with opposing views are paired together for a meal. 45mins

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 7.05pm

Episode 3

Can strangers, with completely opposite views and morals, find any common ground when engaged in a real life conversation? 45mins

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 7.10pm

Episode 4

Watched on by experts in the fields of psychology and human behaviour, topics and questions are presented to the table for each pair to discuss. 47mins

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 7.15pm

Episode 5

This exciting series takes polarising opinions offline and puts two individuals face to face, to hash out their differences on a variety of subjects. 46mins

Wednesday, 3rd Mar 7.20pm