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1. Donald Nielson: The Black Panther

Born To Kill

An investigation into serial killer Donald Neilson, aka "The Black Panther."

Monday, 10th Jun 12.55am

6. Hadden Clark: The Cross Dressing Cannibal

A look at the brutal slayings by Hadden Clark who was convicted of killing one girl and one woman but may have also killed... 45mins

Friday, 26th Apr 1.00am

Ep 7 Thor Christiansen

The serial killer responsible for the disappearance of multiple females from the college town of Isla Vista in the 1970s. 45mins

Friday, 3rd May 1.00am

Ep 8 The Thriller Killers / Speed Freak Killers

Investigators, bounty hunters and surviving family members explore a fifteen-year... 45mins

Friday, 10th May 1.30am

Ep 9 Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: The Schoolgirl Killers

A seemingly perfect couple actually tormented underage virgins in Toronto. 45mins

Friday, 17th May 1.00am

Ep 10 Twisted: Dale Hausner, Jeff Hausner and Sam Dieteman

A pair of killers who carried out a series of drive-by shootings in Phoenix,... 45mins

Friday, 24th May 1.00am