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70% Complete

Episode 4

The Cabins

After the previous day's fireworks, there is a frosty atmosphere in one cabin. With check-out looming there are some burning questions that still need answering.

Thursday, 7th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 10

Hoping to make sweet music in the cabins is a young hopeful on their first ever date. Will being Mr Nice Guy strike a chord with his match? 46mins

Friday, 15th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 9

Things seem crystal clear in one cabin, but will they decide to stay or go? Someone is feeling left in the dark as decision time becomes an argument in... 46mins

Thursday, 14th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 8

Dating series. A glorious prank leaves one singleton's heart in his mouth. Things are getting hot in the bathroom after an unlikely entanglement in the tub. 46mins

Wednesday, 13th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 7

The dating series continues. A home cooked curry causes rumblings of discontent, but not of the cook's making. 46mins

Tuesday, 12th Jan 9.00pm

Episode 6

The dating series continues. One lovelorn dater is trying to smooth things over, while elsewhere it is the sleeping arrangements that make things... 46mins

Monday, 11th Jan 9.00pm