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9. The Incubus

Jekyll & Hyde

Robert seeks sanctuary in the Jezequiel House and takes Olalla and Ravi with him. Meanwhile, Bulstrode searches for them in London, without success.

Monday, 20th Sep 11.00pm

1. The Harbinger

Fantasy drama series. When Robert Jekyll discovers that he carries a family secret, it throws him into a web of intrigue in 1930s London. 46mins

Monday, 2nd Aug 12.00am

2. Mr Hyde

Fantasy drama series. Robert cannot understand how he survived the attempt on his life, and follows the advice of Lily and Max to seek answers in his... 46mins

Monday, 2nd Aug 11.00pm

3. The Cutter

After Garson tells Robert his ancestors unleashed their dual identities with a form of medication, Robert is determined to cure himself the same way. 44mins

Monday, 9th Aug 11.00pm

4. The Calyx

Fantasy drama. Racked with guilt, Robert does all he can to save his grandmother, while Captain Dance and Bulstrode both set their traps in pursuit of Hyde. 46mins

Monday, 16th Aug 11.00pm

5. Black Dog

Fantasy drama. Robert visits a distant branch of his family in the country where a series of murders are said to have been committed by a legendary demon dog. 45mins

Monday, 23rd Aug 11.00pm