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3. Villains

Coronation Street: Most Memorable Moments

Jason Manford profiles some of the most villainous characters to enter Weatherfield, such as Richard Hillman, Charlie Stubbs, Maya Sharma and Pat Phelan.

Tuesday, 17th May 4.00pm

8. Famous Faces

Narrator Jason Manford examines over a half-century of "Coronation Street " archives to reveal some of the most famous faces to appear on the series 22mins

Saturday, 25th Jun 5.00pm

7. High Days and Holidays

Some of the most memorable holidays and other special days on "Coronation Street" includes the first episode to be completely filmed on location. 22mins

Saturday, 18th Jun 12.00pm

6. Battle Axes

The past six decades of 'Coronation Street' history includes several strong working-class women and matriarchs who play a large part of the series. 22mins

Friday, 20th May 4.00pm

5. Scandals

Jason Manford reflects on some of the most scandalous storylines of the series, which feature situations involving teen pregnancy, illicit affairs and bigamy. 22mins

Thursday, 19th May 4.00pm

4. Partnerships

Jason Manford talks about some of the most iconic pairings from the show's decades-long run, which features mentions about Stan and Hilda Ogden. 23mins

Wednesday, 18th May 4.00pm