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Episode 5

Hell's Kitchen USA

Both teams together to decrypt a series of recipes that were written with emojis; one team has their best dinner service performance as the other stumbles.

Monday, 3rd Jun 1.55am

Episode 11

The chefs attempt to find the best matching ingredients for a dish; chaos ensues during dinner service when one of the teams repeatedly overcooks their dish. 43mins

Thursday, 25th Jul 1.35am

Episode 10

Messy consequences arise after the chefs tackle a Blind Taste Test; one team faces the possibility of falling apart at the seams during dinner service. 43mins

Monday, 22nd Jul 1.55am

Episode 9

A game of Spells Kitchen tests the chefs' spelling and cooking abilities alike; a charity dinner service has both teams making large mistakes. 43mins

Monday, 15th Jul 2.05am

Episode 8

The chefs make entrees for the opposing team during a relay tag-team challenge; five of the remaining chefs face the "Cook for Your Life" challenge. 43mins

Monday, 8th Jul 1.00am

Episode 7

The chefs face individual rivals while making various kinds of international cuisine; one of the contestants is removed from the kitchen by chef Ramsay... 43mins

Friday, 21st Jun 1.55am