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3. I Shall Be Released

Shoot the Messenger

Daisy and Simon discover scandalous information regarding Orlandio Spence and Judge Reeves; Daisy's fears are revealed after she witnesses another murder.

Sunday, 19th Sep 9.00pm

8. Full Circle

Daisy is pushed to make rash decisions because of the injunction against distributing her story; Daisy and Lutz's suspicions are justified by newfound... 42mins

Sunday, 24th Oct 9.00pm

7. Darkness Comes to Light

The media is whipped into a frenzy in light of an incriminating video and news of Hassan's murder; Sam and Lawson finalise an agreement. 42mins

Sunday, 17th Oct 9.00pm

6. News Travels Fast

Daisy and Lutz revive their relationship; Simon connects Lawson to a certain mafia family; Hassan comes back to sell the video on Khaalid's phone. 43mins

Sunday, 10th Oct 9.00pm

5. Strange Bedfellows

Daisy and Lutz intersect while looking for a new suspect in Khaalid's murder; Simon finds a link between the attorney general and Lawson's development... 42mins

Sunday, 3rd Oct 9.00pm

4. Careful What You Pray For

Daisy and Simon investigate the photograph of Orlandio and Judge Reeves; Guns and Gangs arrest Khaallif; Hassan evades... 43mins

Friday, 24th Sep 12.00am