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Episode 11

Autopsy USA

Known for his eccentric performances on 'Saturday Night Live' comic Andy Kaufman passes away from a rare type of lung cancer on 16 May 1984

Monday, 4th Jul 10.00pm

Episode 20

Actor James Gandolfini suffers a fatal heart attack on 19 June 2013 while on holiday, which was in part triggered by potential addiction and eating disorder. 42mins

Monday, 5th Sep 10.00pm

Episode 19

The globally recognised actress Mary Tyler Moore passes away at 80 years of age due to complications caused by pneumonia in early 2017. 43mins

Monday, 29th Aug 10.00pm

Episode 18

Musician Roy Orbison makes his claim to fame through an operatic-style of performing before he dies due to a heart attack at the end of a day with his family. 42mins

Monday, 22nd Aug 10.00pm

Episode 17

Dr Richard Shepherd, a forensic pathologist, analyses the autopsy report concerning Gram Parsons, the singer-songwriter who died in September 1973. 42mins

Monday, 15th Aug 10.05pm

Episode 16

Musician George Michael boasts a reputation as one of his generation's greatest performers before a path of self-destruction led to his death at age 53. 42mins

Monday, 8th Aug 10.00pm