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Episode 6


Damien learns about his brother's fate and swears to get his revenge; Bernie executes her plan; the Keegan gang deals with the possibility of annihilation.

Wednesday, 12th Jun 1.25am

Episode 1

A young MMA fighter with dreams of escaping his tough neighbourhood is drawn into a dangerous world of drug gangs and violence when his brother goes missing 46mins

Wednesday, 12th Jun 1.00am

Episode 2

Damien's brother Wesley is missing, leaving the Dunne family struggling. When a body is recovered by the police, the situation between the gangs escalates. 46mins

Wednesday, 12th Jun 1.05am

Episode 3

The feud between the gangs intensifies. Damien's relationship with Nicola comes under increasing pressure from all sides. 46mins

Wednesday, 12th Jun 1.10am

Episode 4

Negative feelings abound during Ian's funeral; Damien attempts to prevent Keith from getting revenge, which puts his first professional fight at risk. 46mins

Wednesday, 12th Jun 1.15am

Episode 5

Damien faces an increasingly high possibility of missing his first big fight; Paddy worries about Damien's future in light of his partnership with Butsy. 46mins

Wednesday, 12th Jun 1.20am