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12. Mother Nature's Son


Detective drama set in 1960s Los Angeles. Hodiak shows up on the doorstep of the serial killer who has been sending him indecent images.

Thursday, 30th Jun 10.00pm

6. Revolution 9

While investigating a missing person, homicide detective Sam Hodiak uncovers a sordid cult - masterminded by one Charles Manson 43mins

Thursday, 19th May 10.00pm

7. Piggies

The Manson family face an unforeseen threat, while Hodiak acts on new evidence in the photographer killer case 43mins

Thursday, 26th May 10.00pm

8. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

After Emma's disappearance, Hodiak finds Charlie on his doorstep. Shafe is forced to confront his own fears. 43mins

Thursday, 2nd Jun 10.00pm

9. Sexy Sadie

Detective drama set in 1960s Los Angeles. Charlie tries to find Dennis Wilson. Sam discovers Emma in a sanatorium, but needs help to get her out. 43mins

Thursday, 9th Jun 10.30pm

10. Blackbird

Detective drama set in 1960s Los Angeles. Hodiak is set on uncovering the truth behind Bunchy's murder, sacrificing Charmain's career in the process 43mins

Thursday, 16th Jun 10.00pm