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6. Revolution 9


While investigating a missing person, homicide detective Sam Hodiak uncovers a sordid cult - masterminded by one Charles Manson

Thursday, 19th May 10.00pm

1. Helter Skelter

A former cell mate comes to visit Charlie, which leaves him agitated. Charmain must think quickly when her motives are questioned. 43mins

Thursday, 14th Apr 10.00pm

2. Happiness Is a Warm Gun

Sam investigates Guapo's killing, while Charlie has a new addition to his family. 43mins

Thursday, 21st Apr 10.00pm

3. Why Don't We Do It In The Road

Detective drama set in 1960s Los Angeles. Charlie meets a new contact who will help him break into the music industry - Beach... 43mins

Thursday, 28th Apr 10.00pm

4. Revolution 1

On the day of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination, Hodiak must investigate a murder against a background of racial tension. 43mins

Thursday, 5th May 10.00pm

5. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey

Internal affairs continue to investigate Hodiak, and Manson visits a deeply... 43mins

Thursday, 12th May 9.00pm