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10. It's Alright, Ma. (I'm Only Bleeding)


Detective drama set in 1960s Los Angeles. Charlie tests Emma's loyalty, while Shafe passes Guapo's drug shipment task.

Wednesday, 24th Feb 12.00am

1. Everybody's Been Burned

Detective drama set in 1960s Los Angeles. While investigating a missing person, homicide detective Sam Hodiak uncovers a sordid... 45mins

Tuesday, 9th Feb 12.00am

2. The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

As racial tensions begin to arise, Hodiak and Shafe clash as they investigate the complicated murder case of an elderly woman. 46mins

Wednesday, 10th Feb 12.00am

3. Never Say Never To Always

When a drug dealer is found murdered, the prime suspect is one of Shafe's informants. Shafe and Charmain go undercover within... 43mins

Thursday, 11th Feb 12.00am

4. Home is Where You're Happy

During a murder investigation, Hodiak questions the manager of a burlesque club, who also happens to be the wife of the... 46mins

Friday, 12th Feb 12.15am

5. A Change is Gonna Come

Detective drama set in 1960s Los Angeles. Emma is again drawn to Manson, Hodiak clashes with the Black Panthers, and Walt's news pushes Hodiak to the brink. 45mins

Tuesday, 16th Feb 12.00am