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6. Golden Oldies

Murder in Suburbia

Ash and Scribbs are called to an old people's home to investigate the murder of a 1950s singing sensation found dead in the bath by his wife - but did she do it?

Sunday, 14th Aug 8.00pm

1. Witches

When the body of a teenager is discovered in a cemetery, detectives Ash and Scribbs delve into the scary world of schoolgirl witchcraft. Lisa Faulkner and... 45mins

Sunday, 10th Jul 8.00pm

2. Death of an Estate Agent

No one seems to be mourning the death of estate agent Phil Jakes. Ash and Scribbs are called in when Phil's body is discovered... 45mins

Sunday, 17th Jul 8.00pm

3. Wedding Bells

Ash and Scribbs are called to the aftermath of a wedding at which the bride's father has been electrocuted in a fish pond - did the bride do it? 45mins

Sunday, 24th Jul 8.00pm

4. Viva La Salsa

A beautiful young Salsa dancer is pushed to her death from the balcony of her flat. Among the suspects are the young woman's devoted husband and the members... 45mins

Sunday, 31st Jul 8.00pm

5. Old Dogs

A murder investigation leads Ash and Scribbs into an obsessive world of dog-lovers, until they eventually discover that the key to the mystery lies with a... 45mins

Sunday, 7th Aug 8.00pm