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Episode 6

Home Fires

Second World War drama series. There is cause for joy as everyone prepares for Nick and Teresa's wedding. Faced with Marek's impending departure, Pat has a big decision to make.

Monday, 29th Nov 3.50pm

Episode 1

Drama. In June 1940, Britain faces the threat of imminent invasion. As the Battle of Britain looms, the villagers of Great Paxford live under a cloud of fear... 46mins

Monday, 22nd Nov 3.50pm

Episode 2

Drama series set in a Cheshire village during the Second World War. News of the Bowers' divorce hits the papers and Laura's disgrace becomes public 45mins

Tuesday, 23rd Nov 3.50pm

Episode 3

As the Battle of Britain intensifies, the women must do all they can to keep spirits high. At a dance organised by the Czech soldiers, Joyce gives Sarah some... 45mins

Wednesday, 24th Nov 3.50pm

Episode 4

Teresa is asked on a date, but can she throw off her old life so easily? Alison worries that her involvement with the Lyons could have dangerous consequences 45mins

Thursday, 25th Nov 3.50pm

Episode 5

Steph struggles to meet the harvest quota and risks losing the farm. Alison discovers the reason behind the parachute accidents - but can she warn Frances in... 45mins

Friday, 26th Nov 3.50pm