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1. Chapter 1 - Miss Sharp in the Presence of the Enemy

Vanity Fair

Period drama following modern heroine Becky Sharp as she attempts to claw her way out of poverty and scale the heights of English society

Sunday, 7th Aug 10.00pm

7. Chapter 7 - Endings and Beginnings

Becky is lost and then she is found, but will she have a happy ending? 46mins

Sunday, 18th Sep 10.00pm

6. Chapter 6 - In Which a Painter's Daughter Meets a King

Becky works out how to live well on nothing a year, but flies too high as she... 46mins

Sunday, 11th Sep 10.10pm

5. Chapter 5 - In Which Battles Are Won and Lost

As the Battle of Waterloo begins, Becky decides that war is not so bad as long as... 48mins

Sunday, 4th Sep 10.00pm

4. Chapter 4 - In Which Becky Joins Her Regiment

Period drama series. On the eve of the battle, Becky makes a triumphant entrance... 47mins

Sunday, 28th Aug 10.00pm

3. Chapter 3 - A Quarrel About an Heiress

Becky lives with rich Aunt Matilda, and her future is looking bright. As war clouds gather, however, everyone's fortunes take a... 47mins

Sunday, 21st Aug 10.00pm