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Picnic Essentials

Weekend AM

Suzanne Kane joins us with some products that'll make your al fresco dining that bit easier.

Saturday, 13th Jul 11.45am


Summer BBQ Style Part 2

Stylist Joanne Costello is back with some more stunning looks that will have you turning heads 6mins

Saturday, 20th Jul 11.45am

Love Sensation Festival

Drag superstars Victoria Secret and Davina Devine join us now, along with promotor of Love Sensation, Cormac Cashman 15mins

Saturday, 20th Jul 11.30am

Laura Goes to Coppers the Musical!

Here's how Laura got on when she took a trip to Coppers The Musical. It's not just for guards and nurses you know 6mins

Saturday, 20th Jul 11.25am

Summer BBQ Style Part 1

Stylist Joanne Costello joins us this morning to show us how to look our best at a barbecue 6mins

Saturday, 20th Jul 10.45am

Moon Landing Anniversary

Today marks 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history when they stepped foot on the moon. David Moore, Fouder of Astronomy Ireland joins me... 10mins

Saturday, 20th Jul 10.35am