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Jason Byrne

Weekend AM

Jason Byrne was curious to see what REAL talent looks like, so he's paid us a visit to see if we have what it takes to get his Golden Buzzer

Saturday, 6th Apr 11.20am


TV Preview

Killian O'Sullivan is here with the latest news and the best of what's on the box this week 9mins

Sunday, 21st Apr 11.45am

Easter Cocktails

We're taking our devotion to Creme Eggs one step further with the perfect liquid dessert to have this Easter weekend with cocktail connoisseur, Keith Malone. 5mins

Sunday, 21st Apr 11.30am

Easter Bonnets 2

While you're tucking into your chocolate egg at home, we're featuring Easter Bonnets here at the catwalk. 6mins

Sunday, 21st Apr 11.20am

Easter Egg Blind Tasting

Today we had a NOT very scientific experiment to decide the tastiest Easter eggs on the market. 8mins

Sunday, 21st Apr 10.50am

Easter Bonnets 1

For the day that's in it what else would we be featuring here on the catwalk only Easter Bonnets! 6mins

Sunday, 21st Apr 10.35am