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MC Notn

Ireland's Got Talent

Beat boxer MC Notn impresses the judges with his unusual act.

Saturday, 9th Mar 8.05pm


IGT: Connecting Arts

The dance act who are bringing something different and dangerous to IGT 5mins

Saturday, 16th Mar 8.10pm

IGT: Robyn Diamonds

The Drag race fan whose mother is his biggest fan 8mins

Saturday, 16th Mar 8.10pm

IGT: Lee McCormack

Artane Senior Band memeber Leee hopes to blow the judges away with his trumpet skills 1mins

Saturday, 16th Mar 8.05pm

IGT: Darren Fitzpatrick

Could Darren be Ireland's answer to Andrea Bocelli?  3mins

Saturday, 16th Mar 8.00pm

IGT: Iveta Tumasonyete

The young girl with the extraordinary voice 5mins

Saturday, 16th Mar 7.55pm