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Eva Abley

Britain's Got Talent

Does this 14 year old student pack the right punchlines for the judges?

Saturday, 14th May 8.10pm


Maxwell Thorpe

Sheffield's very own Maxwell Thorpe takes the stage to sing to the judges. 7mins

Saturday, 21st May 9.10pm

Trio Vertex

Can Trio Vertex revive their dream to perform? They take the stage in hopes to impress the judges. 8mins

Saturday, 21st May 9.00pm

Welsh of the West End

Can the Welsh of the West End make their beloved country proud. 7mins

Saturday, 21st May 8.50pm

Skylar Blu

7-year-old Skylar takes the stage after Alesha turns up at her dance practice! 8mins

Saturday, 21st May 8.40pm

The Handersons

The Handersons bring a hilarious twist with a song for their naughty Nana! 6mins

Saturday, 21st May 8.30pm