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The Noise Next Door

Britain's Got Talent

This group of lads are here to make a statement!

Saturday, 23rd May 8.35pm


Christian Wedoy

This death defying stunt could land Christian a place in the next round! If he survives! 8mins

Saturday, 23rd May 9.15pm

Dave and Dean

Singing duo Dave and Dean are looking for their big break! Will they get it? 6mins

Saturday, 23rd May 9.10pm

Mike Newall

Funnyman Mike is looking to get a laugh or four! 4mins

Saturday, 23rd May 9.05pm

Lioz Shem Tov

Does Lioz have what it takes to get through? 4mins

Saturday, 23rd May 9.00pm

Sandra-May Flowers

Will Sandra's unique performance be enough to wow the judges? 3mins

Saturday, 23rd May 8.55pm