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6. Zac

Dress To Impress

A YouTuber from Manchester is looking for his dream man, and after a series of shopping challenges, three suitors will send him outfits for him to choose from.

Saturday, 24th Sep 6.00pm

11. Robbie

Dating series with a difference. In London, Jessica, Shai and Harley all hope to impress model and personal trainer Robbie 44mins

Saturday, 29th Oct 6.00pm

10. Nate

Dating series in which three suitors attempt to win the affections of an eligible singleton by buying them an outfit. Whose style choices will impress Nate... 44mins

Saturday, 22nd Oct 6.00pm

9. Demi

A politics student chooses to date a man based on fashion. 44mins

Saturday, 15th Oct 6.00pm

8. Remus

Three suitors try to win the affections of an eligible singleton 44mins

Saturday, 8th Oct 6.00pm

7. Kea

A dancer hopes to be impressed with the fashion choices of three single men in London and the most fashionable outfit wins the competitor a date. 44mins

Saturday, 1st Oct 6.00pm