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18. Ben Brown

Dress To Impress

In Cardiff, three singletons go up against each other in a series of shopping challenges to win the affections of Mr Gay Wales 2017, Ben Brown.

Saturday, 11th Jun 6.00pm

25. Chanel Hill

A drama student, a factory worker and a support worker want to win a date with a make-up artist using their savvy fashion sense 45mins

Saturday, 6th Aug 6.00pm

24. John Watts

An actor chooses from a set of three outfits in order to win a date with three London-based women: a coffee shop supervisor, a singer and a care assistant. 46mins

Saturday, 30th Jul 6.00pm

23. Leah Canning

A Cardiff beautician hopes to be swept off her feet by three suitors' fashion senses, including a law graduate, a judo champion, and a student. 45mins

Saturday, 23rd Jul 6.00pm

22. Georgina Steele

A first date is chosen based on only three styled outfits 45mins

Saturday, 16th Jul 6.00pm

21. Shannon Fox

In Cardiff, bricklayer Alex, support worker Kevin and plasterer Zhane hope to impress Shannon with their style choices. Who will she take on a date? 45mins

Saturday, 9th Jul 6.00pm