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22. Dominic

Dress To Impress

Dating series with a difference. In Manchester, Hope, Angel and Serena all hope to impress registrar Dominic with their style choices.

Saturday, 19th Jun 8.00pm

27. Olivia

In Manchester, Jason, Nathan and Jake all hope to impress hotel bookings agent Olivia with their style choices. 45mins

Saturday, 24th Jul 8.00pm

26. Brad

Dating series with a difference. Healthcare co-ordinator Brad from Pontefract in West Yorkshire puts his faith in the fashion choices of Ashley, James and... 46mins

Saturday, 17th Jul 8.00pm

25. Paige

Opera singer and model Paige from Hertfordshire returns to the show to be dressed by three single guys. Whose outfit will she choose to wear on the date? 46mins

Saturday, 10th Jul 8.00pm

24. Jen

George, Justin and Lewis compete for the affections of Londoner Jen. The three single shoppers' fashion choices could win them a date. 46mins

Saturday, 3rd Jul 8.00pm

23. Sarah

In Manchester, Josh, Scott and Tim go up against each other in a series of shopping challenges hoping to win the affections of Lancashire lass Sarah. 46mins

Saturday, 26th Jun 8.00pm