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6. Zac

Dress To Impress

A YouTuber from Manchester is looking for his dream man, and after a series of shopping challenges, three suitors will send him outfits for him to choose from.

Thursday, 27th May 12.30pm

20. Annabelle

Rinat, George and Ernest battle to win the affections of Annabelle from Leeds. 46mins

Saturday, 5th Jun 8.00pm

26. Brad

Healthcare co-ordinator Brad from Pontefract in West Yorkshire puts his faith in the fashion choices of Ashley, James and Mike 46mins

Wednesday, 2nd Jun 12.30pm

16. Jodie Erica

Ash, Isabel and Helen all hope to impress cleaner and musician Jodie from Milton Keynes with their style choices. 46mins

Tuesday, 1st Jun 12.30pm

12. Zoe

Personal stylist Zoe is on the look for love. Three single people hope to win her affections with their style choices. 46mins

Monday, 31st May 12.30pm

8. Remus

Dating series with a difference. Tommy, Miguel and Jac compete for the affections of Londoner Remus. Which of the three single shoppers will win a date? 45mins

Friday, 28th May 12.30pm