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9. Giving the Game Away


Nick is concerned when a young black Londoner becomes the suspect for a violent robbery. Greengrass takes bets on a cricket match against Whitby.

Thursday, 21st Sep 7.55pm

17. Charity Begins At Home (Christmas)

Nick and Jo become stranded during a heavy snowstorm, and they attempt to help the victims of a small plane crash; Greengrass... 51mins

Tuesday, 3rd Oct 7.55pm

16. Old Friends

A bank robber escapes from prison so Nick goes undercover to search for the missing criminal; an old friend visits Aunt Eileen with romantic intentions. 51mins

Monday, 2nd Oct 7.55pm

15. Bygones Be Bygones

Drama series set in 1960s Yorkshire. Maggie urges the police to investigate when a rash of poison-pen letters causes concern in the village. 51mins

Friday, 29th Sep 7.50pm

14. The Best Laid Plans

Drama series set in 1960s Yorkshire. A notorious post-office robber pays a visit to the area, and a well-to-do woman begins to be haunted by her past. 51mins

Thursday, 28th Sep 7.55pm

13. Obsessions

A young woman becomes obsessed with Nick after he rescues her from a house fire; Greengrass hopes to make money from Aidensfield's visiting tourists. 51mins

Wednesday, 27th Sep 7.55pm