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2. A Girl's Best Friend


Mike discovers that a couple's wealth has not brought them happiness. Vernon is concerned about his dabbling with hypnotism.

Thursday, 6th Oct 12.20am

22. House Rules

Villagers are curious when a mystery woman comes to live with Steve Crane. 49mins

Friday, 28th Oct 1.25am

21. Lily of the Valley

PC Crane and Dr Merrick worry about the welfare of an elderly farmer's widow. David helps Blaketon front a protest against a local quarry. 48mins

Friday, 28th Oct 12.25am

20. Moving Target

The village is horrified when a sniper appears to be on the loose, and Bellamy has a near miss with a bullet. DI Shiner makes Mike an offer that's hard to... 49mins

Thursday, 27th Oct 1.25am

19. Caped Crusaders

Part of Dr Merrick's past catches up with her. Vernon's expectations of a large inheritance go up in smoke. Alec and Dean dress up as Batman and Robin. 48mins

Thursday, 27th Oct 12.20am

18. Missing in Action

A bride-to-be refuses to marry until the ghost of her father is laid to rest. Villagers are puzzled when a strange policeman starts laying down the law 48mins

Wednesday, 26th Oct 1.05am