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18. Coming of Age


Tom's determination to show his true colours makes him a tragic hero on his 21st birthday. Vernon is left to blow his own trumpet after hiring out a brass band.

Saturday, 24th Sep 12.30am

24. Loves Sweet Dream

Drama series set in a 1960s Yorkshire village. Tricia and Mike finally express their feelings for one another, but become involved in a case of domestic... 48mins

Tuesday, 4th Oct 12.10am

23. Caught In The Headlights

Nostalgic police drama series set in a 1960s Yorkshire village. Gina's brush with the upper classes leaves her wondering if she... 49mins

Saturday, 1st Oct 12.05am

22. Class Act

Mike comes to the rescue of a schoolgirl who finds herself in deep water when a teenage crush goes too far. And David tries his hand at ventriloquism. 48mins

Friday, 30th Sep 12.35am

21. The Shoot

Lord Ashfordly is perturbed when a shooting party at the hall looks like a smokescreen for more sinister goings-on. Vernon attempts to set up an unusual... 49mins

Thursday, 29th Sep 12.20am

20. Windows Of Opportunity

When Tricia is the latest target in a series of apparently unrelated burglaries, Mike is keen to find the missing link 49mins

Wednesday, 28th Sep 12.05am