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16. Golf Papa One Zero


A new police sergeant receives a cool reception when he arrives from the city with big ideas. PC Walker is distracted by a young nurse at Ashfordly General.

Monday, 4th Jul 7.55pm

26. Bin Man

Peggy acquires a freezer for her latest enterprise, and the village is in a panic after Gina discovers a severed hand in a dustbin 46mins

Monday, 18th Jul 7.55pm

25. Services Rendered

A hit and run in Ashfordly turns out to be a deliberate attempt on the life of a local man - but who is looking for revenge? Peggy gets into hot water 47mins

Friday, 15th Jul 8.00pm

24. Every Dog his Day

Some young offenders staying at Ashfordly Hall are under suspicion following a series of disturbances. Blaketon and Ventress investigate the disappearance of... 47mins

Thursday, 14th Jul 8.00pm

23. Shadows From the Past

Peggy sets aside her pitchfork for glamour in the hope of charming a wealthy widower. The local community is up in arms when a famous homicide case is... 47mins

Wednesday, 13th Jul 8.00pm

22. Duty of Care

A young boy is shot at the Hall and Lord Ashfordly comes under investigation for employing child labour - but Bellamy discovers that the truth is rather more... 47mins

Tuesday, 12th Jul 8.00pm