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9. Buried Secrets


Rosie ends up with more admirers than she bargained for when she goes on a blind date.

Thursday, 23rd Jun 7.55pm

17. The Long View

PC Walker is tempted to bend the rules again when an old friend turns up with a proposition. But how much longer will Sergeant Miller put up with his... 47mins

Tuesday, 5th Jul 8.00pm

16. Golf Papa One Zero

A new police sergeant receives a cool reception when he arrives from the city with big ideas. PC Walker is distracted by a young nurse at Ashfordly General. 47mins

Monday, 4th Jul 7.55pm

15. Icon

Ventress puts his acting skills to the test when stolen Russian icons are smuggled into the area. Vernon is in trouble again when he and David train Alfred... 46mins

Friday, 1st Jul 8.00pm

14. Blast From the Past

Walker must re-visit his shadowy past in order to solve a spate of violent robberies. And David is lured into a web of deceit when a stranger arrives in town. 47mins

Thursday, 30th Jun 7.55pm

13. In the Bleak Midwinter

A teenage runaway returns home to spend Christmas with her family, but is rejected by her father when she reveals that she has a newborn baby. 47mins

Wednesday, 29th Jun 7.55pm