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1. Snake in the Grass


PC Mike Bradley investigates a mysterious case of food poisoning after a neighbourly dispute. Greengrass recovers a debt and finds himself the owner of a python.

Tuesday, 24th May 12.05am

24. Testament

Mike and Jackie's future looks uncertain when Jackie's uncle becomes a suspect in a hit-and-run accident 50mins

Friday, 24th Jun 12.05am

23. David Stockwell's Ghost

A snobbish couple recently returned from Africa find it hard to settle in the village 50mins

Thursday, 23rd Jun 12.10am

22. Old Ties

A new restaurant is the target of sabotage and an old friend of Gina's comes to stay. Greengrass thinks he has unearthed his fortune. 50mins

Wednesday, 22nd Jun 12.10am

21. Friends Like You

Gina finds herself accused of taking drugs as she attempts to rekindle her singing career 50mins

Tuesday, 21st Jun 12.00am

20. All in the Mind

Police drama series set in a Yorkshire village. An eccentric old woman reports an abduction, and Greengrass meets an old friend with an unusual proposition. 50mins

Saturday, 18th Jun 12.00am