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9. State of Mind


Nostalgic drama series set in a 1960s Yorkshire village. Three farm children are left orphaned, leaving Steve to help the oldest child fight a custody battle

Thursday, 19th May 7.55pm

25. Little Angel

Blaketon joins the search for a missing girl. Meanwhile Steve and Bellamy are confronted by a precarious situation. And the Aidensfield Arms is hit by a rat... 47mins

Friday, 10th Jun 6.25pm

24. Double Trouble

The investigation of what appears to be a simple burglary leads Ashfordly police into a delicate situation, and there is a spark of romance for Blaketon. 47mins

Thursday, 9th Jun 6.25pm

23. Muck and Brass

Aidensfield is hosting a car hill-climb and it is a race against time for Merton who has to stop a saboteur. Vernon looks set to win when Bernie does up an... 46mins

Wednesday, 8th Jun 6.25pm

22. A Call to Arms

The police are puzzled when an old face from the past appears to be the unlikely victim of terrorist acts. Vernon encounters dangerous wildlife in Ashfordly... 46mins

Tuesday, 7th Jun 5.50pm

21. Strangers on a Train

Merton suspects foul play when a passenger is thrown from a train, but the passenger cannot remember what happened. A stray donkey takes a shine to Vernon. 47mins

Monday, 6th Jun 6.25pm