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12. The Middle of Somewhere


Joe, Rachel and Carol find what they are looking for in Australia, but their search ends in tragedy. And Carol finds herself having to deliver a baby.

Thursday, 25th Nov 8.00pm

18. Ties That Bind

Aidensfield is targeted by violent robbers, Mason and Rachel's romantic past puts their careers in jeopardy, and a familiar friend bids farewell. 46mins

Friday, 3rd Dec 8.00pm

17. The War of the Roses

Mason and Miller tackle prejudice when an attempt is made on a farmer's life. David is terrified about the possible consequences of Peggy's double-dealings. 46mins

Thursday, 2nd Dec 8.00pm

16. A Whiter Shade of Pale

Nostalgic police drama. The village simpleton is accused of murdering a local woman - but things change when the murder weapon is found. 46mins

Wednesday, 1st Dec 8.00pm

15. Cashing In

A flood of forged notes leads the police to believe that a missing gangster is around. Bernie is over the moon when his favourite celebrity moves in just... 46mins

Tuesday, 30th Nov 8.00pm

14. The Runaways

A gangster's accountant is on the run from his underworld bosses. David finds an old jeep with a surprising history. 46mins

Monday, 29th Nov 8.00pm