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11. A Brush with the Law


The local hunt comes to town. When old rivalries surface, Lord Ashfordly comes under suspicion of arson, while Peggy ropes Deefer into one of her schemes.

Thursday, 21st Oct 8.00pm

24. Oscar's Birthday

Everyone rallies around for Blaketon's birthday party, while two new arrivals in the village put Joe Mason in an awkward position - professionally and... 46mins

Tuesday, 9th Nov 8.00pm

23. Mixed Messages

Carol turns to Joe for help after a pensioner she has been visiting regularly dies and suspicions are aroused. Gina's pregnancy approaches full term. 46mins

Monday, 8th Nov 8.00pm

22. You Never Can Tell

An ageing pop manager returns to the village to marry his young starlet, but when he is found dead, foul play is suspected - but who would murder a dying man? 46mins

Friday, 5th Nov 8.00pm

21. It Came From Outer Space

An explosion in the woods starts rumours that a meteorite has crashed, but Miller and Rachel have other ideas, so Joe goes... 46mins

Thursday, 4th Nov 8.00pm

20. Bully Boys

An ex-convict turned debt collector is the subject of a police investigation - but are their suspicions justified? Peggy urges David to attend a school... 46mins

Wednesday, 3rd Nov 8.00pm