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A Fresh Start


An infamous London gangster arrives in the area to try and rebuild his life after prison - but Sergeant Miller has other ideas, and Peg starts a salmonella outbreak.

Thursday, 29th Jul 8.00pm

26. Accidents Happen

A prisoner is busted out of the cells. Debbie starts behaving suspiciously. Rob is devastated when a local boy avenges the death of his beloved dog. 46mins

Thursday, 2nd Sep 8.00pm

25. Bad Company

A local dance ends in disaster when a young girl is involved in a hit and run. When the prime suspect turns out to be the son of a notable local, the heat is... 46mins

Wednesday, 1st Sep 8.00pm

24. The Dying of the Light

spate of sheep rustling has the police foxed. Helen is called in when an elderly woman is found dead in the river. Peggy picks the brains of two newcomers. 46mins

Tuesday, 31st Aug 8.00pm

23. Keeping Secrets

Helen and Rob's wedding day arrives. The police are called in to deal with persistent noise complaints from a neighbour - but things soon take a nasty turn 45mins

Monday, 30th Aug 8.00pm

22. This Happy Breed

Miller is delighted when his old army pal arrives in town. Jack is jealous of the help and support Gina gives Bellamy. 46mins

Friday, 27th Aug 8.00pm