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1. Money, Money, Money


Nostalgic drama series set in a 60s Yorkshire village. A new bobby makes waves in Aidensfield, but a few remember his background and are unwilling to forget.

Wednesday, 23rd Jun 8.00pm

Shadows From the Past

Peggy sets aside her pitchfork for glamour in the hope of charming a wealthy widower. The local community is up in arms when a famous homicide case is... 47mins

Friday, 23rd Jul 8.00pm

Duty of Care

A young boy is shot at the Hall and Lord Ashfordly comes under investigation for employing child labour - but Bellamy discovers that the truth is rather more... 47mins

Thursday, 22nd Jul 8.00pm

Rustlers and Hustlers

Two small girls provide crucial information when they stumble across a scam whilst playing on the moors. Peggy's poker-playing forces Blaketon to take action 47mins

Wednesday, 21st Jul 8.00pm

Off the Rails

Ashfordly station is targeted by crooks stealing freight wagons with a rogue locomotive. Peggy prepares to rake in the profits as she fixes the local bowls... 46mins

Tuesday, 20th Jul 8.00pm

Friends and Relations

Rob has to re-evaluate a new romance when his girlfriend's wild party ends in tragedy. David is delighted when a face from the past arrives in Aidensfield 47mins

Monday, 19th Jul 8.00pm