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19. Caped Crusaders


Part of Dr Merrick's past catches up with her. Vernon's expectations of a large inheritance go up in smoke. Alec and Dean dress up as Batman and Robin.

Monday, 10th May 8.00pm

25. Music of the Spheres

Things get complicated for Steve when he falls for the beautiful daughter of a Polish violinist staying at Ashfordly Hall 48mins

Tuesday, 18th May 8.00pm

24. Absent Friends

When a farming couple go missing, Jenny and Liz are left minding the children. Vernon takes Bernie on a country hotel mini-break 49mins

Monday, 17th May 8.00pm

23. Mackerel Sky

Nostalgic police drama series set in a 1960s Yorkshire village. An ex-con uses Jenny to put pressure on Sgt Merton. A newly affluent Vernon organises a... 48mins

Friday, 14th May 8.00pm

22. House Rules

Villagers are curious when a mystery woman comes to live with Steve Crane 49mins

Thursday, 13th May 8.00pm

21. Lily of the Valley

PC Crane and Dr Merrick worry about the welfare of an elderly farmer's widow. David helps Blaketon front a protest against a local quarry 48mins

Wednesday, 12th May 8.00pm