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18. Gin A Body, Meet A Body


Bellamy finds himself in too deep when his scrutiny of a robbery suspect becomes personal. Vernon has a phone installed but will it further his grand plans?

Tuesday, 2nd Mar 8.00pm

24. Still Water

Mike is dealing with the threat of a setback to his career when Jackie drops an unexpected bombshell. 48mins

Wednesday, 10th Mar 8.00pm

23. The Buxton Defence

The officers face a crisis when a Russian chess champion arrives for an exhibition match. 48mins

Tuesday, 9th Mar 8.00pm

22. Consequences

The police investigate a series of mysterious explosions in the village. Vernon thinks David may have found a way of making ends meet. 48mins

Monday, 8th Mar 8.00pm

21. Truth Games

Jackie isn't sure what to believe when she is called in to act for a businessman on a serious charge. Vernon and David have financial difficulties. 49mins

Friday, 5th Mar 8.00pm

20. Unchained Melody

Nostalgic police drama series set in a 1960s Yorkshire village. Mike's loyalties are torn when his work conflicts with a personal drama. 49mins

Thursday, 4th Mar 8.00pm